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The bio-energetic assessment and metatherapy proposed by the Bioresonance Center has been well received by numerous people having recourse to these methods as a supplement to conventional medical treatment. These 100% natural techniques indeed offer numerous benefits: simple and short-term treatment, quick results, totally painless treatment with no side effects, etc. Bioresonance therapy is especially recommended for sustainably relieving afflictions connected with the digestive, endocrine, respiratory, uro-genital, locomotive, lymphatic and nervous systems. These techniques are equally suitable for helping the organism better manage stress, fatigue and sleep problems, as well as both acute and chronic allergies.

Ms V. (Metz, France)

'For a long time I had been suffering from very painful knee arthritis, which prevented me from moving about without a cane. I was medically advised to undergo a long and painful operation. Metatherapy brought me real relief, and very fast.'

Ms V. exhibited severe arthritis exacerbated by constriction of the joint space due to considerable wear of the femoro-tibial cartilage. This common and incapacitating affliction generally occurs following post-traumatic or degenerative lesions.

Restoration of energetic equilibrium at the lower part of the femur allowed recovery of some of the mechanical functioning of the knee. The pain associated with osteoarthritis significantly decreased after several sessions of metatherapy in conjunction with treatment specified by a hospital physician.

Ms F. (Luxembourg)

'For several years I've had rheumatism in my fingers, which swelled up and became more and more painful. I treat myself with the anti-inflammation agents prescribed by my doctor, but I have to say that bioresonance has also been helping much of late.'

The described case is quite classic: rheumatoid polyarthritis at a stage not yet very advanced, affecting all the hand joints. This symptom is common among older people, and often results in progressive incapacitation due to bone deformations and in recurring pain.

Bioresonance therapy is perfectly suitable for chronic inflammation connected with arthritis or more generally with rheumatism. Metatherapy here has excellent results in slowing down the development of the illness and in noticeably eradicating the pain.

Mr C. (Nancy, France)

This person suffers from intercostal neuralgia due to inflammation of the spinal nerves. 'The least movement immediately gave rise to chest and back pain, and I didn't dare continue moving, it hurt so much…' This affliction can have various causes, but it is generally connected with vertebral arthrosis (discarthrosis) damaging the intercostal nerves. Medical treatment involving analgesic and anti-inflammation agents (prescribed by the treating physician) can be usefully accompanied by metatherapy, which can accelerate improvement. It is always recommended to obtain an authorized medical opinion before starting bioresonance therapy.

Mr T. (Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg)

'My doctor diagnosed rather serious hepatic problems and recommended a fat-free diet. I then tried bioresonance, which immediately yielded good results. 'Afflictions of the liver can have various causes and consequences: hepatitis and cirrhosis are the two most common forms and can be detected only by blood analysis ordered by a health professional. The metatherapy undergone by Mr T. effectively yielded noticeable improvement in the digestive functioning of the liver after a short time, with more or less complete disappearance of the local energetic hyperactivity responsible for a large part of the observed hepatic problems.

Ms P. (Colmar, France)

'I was operated on for a prosthesis in 2012 and six months later I underwent a scintigraphic examination for checking the results. From the image the physician then diagnosed a lesion in my thorax. I then had a bioresonance exam and the same lesion appeared at the same spot.'

Photoscintigrams obtained through nuclear imaging indeed showed an abnormal condition at the pleura in the upper part of the thorax. This patient should undergo radiographic examination for confirming the lesion and precisely identifying the exact nature of this affliction.

Bioresonance examination with Metatron revealed problems affecting the same region of the thorax as in the scintigraphy. The agreement between the results provides good evidence that bioresonance is a reliable method for detecting dysfunctional conditions of the human body.

Ms E. (Boulay, France)

'I have been suffering from diabetes for twenty years, following a large emotional shock. Despite treatment, my blood sugar levels were increasing regularly. After recently undergoing three sessions of metatherapy, my blood sugar has returned to normal!'

This woman of age 70 has type II, insulin-resistant diabetes, which affects many people. This affliction is characterised by micro and macro-angiopathic lesions due to the effects of blood glucose and the inadequate production of insulin by the pancreas.

Treatment of this patient by metatherapy yielded control of the energetic flows at the level of the organs involved in the development of the diabetes (liver, pancreas). The blood analysis following the bioresonance treatment showed that the hyperglycaemia had disappeared.

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