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Tel : +352 27 84 93 88

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Quantum therapy encompasses bioresonance for analysing the biological frequencies of the body and metatherapy for restoring equilibrium. Stemming from quantum physics, this energetic method naturally achieves a harmony between the four elements of the universe.


A source of nutrients from the dawn of time, earth keeps us rooted in the ancient tradition. Earth possesses the virtues of fertility while also moving us to uphold the eternal values of faithfulness and perseverance in our pursuits.


The vital fluid indispensable for our existence and our bodies, of which it forms an essential component. Water possesses extraordinary but unsuspected energetic properties enabling it to learn and transmit our gene pool across generations.


The least tangible of the four elements of the universe, but also the most necessary for life, and endowed with multiple qualities amplifying our senses. A symbol of legendary lightness, air stimulates our perception of space and invites us to explore all our potentialities.


The primordial energy of fire unfurls through our controlled passions for enhancing our inherent potential for growth. Fire intensifies our faculties and ferments our innovating spirit for encouraging us to pursue our destiny by tracing the most stimulating paths.

Coaching in well-being

Your Bioresonance Center offers you an exceptional opportunity for revitalising your organism, thanks to an exclusive and scientifically validated method. The energetic assessment with bioresonance will establish clearly and precisely your biological-behavioural map, with the end of effectively aiding you to determine the appropriate coaching solutions for finding your natural equilibrium again.

Mersch :
(+352) 27 84 93 88

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How does it work ?

Discover the secrets of bioresonance and the energetic assessment for knowing how these techniques can bring you renewed well-being.

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Proven effectiveness

Metatherapy, a novel and very reliable solution for reinforcing your energetic equilibrium and effectively rounding off your medical treatment.

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Tested and approved

Testimony from users speaks volumes about their satisfaction. See from a few particular cases how metatherapy acts and takes effect.

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Joint pain

This type of lesion constitutes a familiar terrain for metatherapy, which is particularly successful here.
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Skeletal syndromes

Metatherapy offers a wide range of ways for acting on the principal organs of the human body.
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Abdominal pains

Metatherapy significantly reduces the areas of inflammation and increases the probability of recovery.
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Votre coaching bien-être

Code of ethics

Your Bioresonance Center follows the ethical criteria summarised in a Code of Responsibility, demonstrating great respect for the physical and psychological integrity of the people who consult the Centre.

The Code of Ethics given below ensures the quality and trustworthiness of our services.

  • 1
    Bioresonance and bio-energetics are techniques respectful of human beings and the environment.
  • 2
    These methods together aim at restoring the conditions of a biological equilibrium promoting the well-being of each individual.
  • 3
    The practitioners of bio-energetics are committed to rendering their services honourably and with integrity.
  • 4
    They are committed, in their actions, to observing the essential principle of respect for the individual person.
  • 5
    They equally adhere to the principle of sincerity in providing clear and honest information.
  • 6
    They place themselves fully at the disposal of the persons who consult them and assure constant monitoring of their evolution.
  • 7
    They regularly follow the progression of the applied methods in order to suggest constantly updated services.
  • 8
    The practitioners of bio-energetics are not therapists and encourage their clients to consult their regular physicians.
  • 9
    They provide no medical diagnoses and are no substitute for practitioners of conventional therapy.
  • 10
    The practitioners of bio-energetics respect the legal framework of their status and are committed to working with full transparency.
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