Energetic assessment

Energetic assessment – how does it work?

The energetic study of the organism through bioresonance is a technique both ancient (practised for millennia by Asian therapists) and contemporary, thanks to research related to space travel by Russian cosmonauts. This novel and patented procedure, which has been largely time-tested throughout the world, is based on the computer analysis of the flows of energy through the organism. This technology allows extremely fine and precise measurements of the individual's physiological condition, organ by organ and system by system.

  • Complete scanning of the body
  • Non-invasive examination
  • Totally harmless procedure
  • 3D detection of the organs
  • Analysis of the energetic flows
  • Precise and fine-grained visualisation

Some examples

Here, a 3D diagram of a complete cardiac muscle. Identifiable is the beginning of the arterial vessels (aorta and pulmonary artery) at the top of the organ. This schematic image reproduces the energetic state of the actual organ in the form of points representing the levels of energetic flows.
Analysis of the spinal column yields similar results: the points of energetic tension are represented as pictograms (circles, diamonds, triangles, etc.) corresponding to the flow levels. The coloured curves in the right-hand window analyse the behaviour of the organ.
The analysed spinal column, this time sectioned: Metatron allows scanning of the organism along multiple vectorial planes for revealing the exact energetic behaviour of the organs. The totality of parameters is recorded for yielding the complete energetic assessment.

An extremely reliable system

The energetic assessment computer system through bioresonance (Metatron) was developed 22 years ago by scientists at the Institute of Applied Psychophysics in Omsk (Russia). This method for bodily energetic analysis is strictly non-invasive and respects the integrity of the person examined. No product or probe is used during the examination, which is totally painless and without any undesirable effects on the organism.

The principle of bioresonance rests on a premise amply demonstrated among scientific circles: the cells of each part of the human organism emit electromagnetic flux according to a range of frequencies specific to each organ. By analysing this energetic flux and comparing it with a healthy organ, we can determine any dysfunctions of the examined organ.

The database of the Metatron bioresonance system contains detailed information on almost all of known illnesses. By comparing the analyses performed on the examined person, the system detects possible energetic deviations for each organ and establishes a documented assessment of the recorded perturbations. This technique allows extremely precise identification of pathology, even if the latter is only at a primary stage of development.

The energetic assessment offered by your Bioresonance Center thus proves to be extremely reliable and can ultimately be used as a supplement to conventional biological examinations.

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