Proven effectiveness

Following your energetic assessment, a metatherapeutic treatment will be suggested for restoring the vibratory equilibria of your organs. While bioresonance with Metatron can pick up the body's energetic frequencies, it can also diffuse adjusted corrective sequences through the organism. The procedure is just like that of the energetic assessment: non-invasive, totally painless and involving no radiation or injections of chemical substances. Metatherapy simply restores the 'gentle medicines' approved by health authorities.

The effectiveness of metatherapeutic treatment is remarkable: concrete results are already ascertainable at the first few sessions, which themselves take only a few minutes. Depending on the nature of the organs in question and the severity of the identified ailments, a complete treatment need only require several sessions. The resulting improvement often proves to be permanent.

The action of metatherapy

Metatherapy through bioresonance effectively acts on numerous illnesses, including:

  • The digestive system
  • The respiratory system
  • The uro-genital system
  • The endocrine system
  • The sensory system
  • The locomotive system
  • The cardio-vascular system
  • The lymphatic system
  • The nervous system
  • Emotional problems

Below is a selection of types of cases treated with metatherapy.

Joint pain

Quite classic and widespread, joint pain indicates problems in bone, nervous or tendinous tissue, basically due to abnormal strain or trauma affecting the areas in question, or to age-related degeneration.

The bio-energetic assessment here shows an elbow with ligaments affected by a type of osteoarthritis. The analysis also suggests that nerve segments are affected, resulting in constant discomfort and even shooting pains during movements.

This type of lesion is a familiar domain of metatherapy, which is especially successful in relieving joint pain in the upper or lower extremities. Following treatment over several sessions, this case showed excellent motor improvement.

Abdominal pains

The public is generally unaware that the intestine forms a barrier preventing diffusion of nutriments coming from the digestion of nutrients in the blood. But this tube can easily become damaged as the result of various types of inflammation disrupting its functioning.

Schematic but realistic, this Metatron bioresonance depiction of an intestinal system shows the existence of numerous points of excessive energetic activity characteristic of local inflammation. This type of lesion generally causes intense pain as well as various non-digestive symptoms.

Metatherapy significantly reduces the areas of inflammation and increases the probability of success in an allopathic or naturopathic treatment prescribed by a physician, as is strongly recommended for such cases.

Skeletal syndromes

Problems related to the pathological condition of the skeleton have been rightly highlighted by conventional medicine. Connected with scoliotic malformations, trauma, age-related degeneration or to certain illnesses (Scheuermann), general use of the skeleton leads to serious motoric problems.

One notable advances of the bio-energetic assessment method with Metatron is the possibility of providing an analysis and a full depiction of the skeleton and its states of vibratory disequilibrium. Displayed are all fragile areas, prior to the detailed study of each.

Metatronics and metatherapy offer a wide range of ways to treat the principal organs of the human body. While making no claim to perfection, these techniques have demonstrated efficacy in the alleviation of numerous afflictions.

Chronic migraine

This painful and incapacitating affliction seems to have both genetic and environmental causes. It affects more women than men and sometimes occurs during intense physical activity. Migraines are characterised by headaches and nausea.

Analysis through bioresonance of the migraine subject reveals energetic hyperactivity of the nerve cells, particularly at the synapses, which provide intra-cellular contacts. The diagram shows severe vibratory disharmony between the cervical lobes.

Treatment with metatherapy provides significant alleviation of migraine suffering. By restoring the energetic equilibrium of the cells, this treatment contributes to the permanent relief of the organism. Metatherapy is intended only as an aid to conventional approaches.

Acute headaches

Headaches encompass a large number of different cases. Headaches are characterised by local pains felt in the cranial area. These afflictions are only of moderate severity and usually involve only temporary strong discomfort.

The energetic assessment of this particular case reveals a sensitive area concentrated in the left hemisphere of the brain. Conditions of this type have been observed to occur following excessive use of mobile phones, which generate significant radiation.

After three sessions of metatherapy, the condition improved with more or less total vanishing of the energetic hyperactivity at the cervical lobe. The diagram now shows a curve closely approaching the desirable normal data, and the subject experienced significant relief.

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